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Wirtzie’s September Menu is here!

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5 Ways your Preschooler Can Help with the New Baby

by Carla Wiking Here are a few tried and true ways your preschooler can help with the new baby. Welcoming a new baby can be a challenge for older siblings.  When I was pregnant with my second child I worried, as many of us do, about how my son would handle the transition.  I realized that my preschooler loved having a job so I created some ways that he could help with the new baby.  So far, he has loved being a big brother and he really is … [Read more...]

Dramatic Play-Developmental Milestones

Did you know that when your child plays make believe they are conquering new developmental stages? This pretend play, often referred to as dramatic play, is a valuable tool in a young child's development. They begin to explore their world, re-enact what they see adults doing in hopes to make sense of the world around them. This natural learning occurs as young as infancy, when babies begin to hold a pretend phone to their ear and "talk." This … [Read more...]

Tiny Bubbles

Seniors and toddlers enjoying bubbles at the Benevilla Intergenerational Program … [Read more...]

Toddlers and Seniors

Toddlers and Seniors with visiting high school kids in the intergenerational program. … [Read more...]

Dancing in the Intergenerational Room

Wirtzie's kids enjoying dance time with "grandpas" and "grandmas" in the intergenerational room. … [Read more...]