Our Curriculum

Wirtzie’s preschool and child care options offer developmentally appropriate programs that allow your child to explore his or her world in a safe, caring environment while developing his or her own individual interests and abilities.

Our programs are designed to provide age-appropriate, child-directed activities that will inspire your child to learn and discover through play and the spark of their own natural curiosity. Because each child is unique, the Wirtzie’s curriculum is designed to find the optimal balance of structure and freedom for your child’s particular needs.

Age Appropriate

Wirtzie’s Preschool & Child Care offers a unique opportunity for children ages one to five years old to discover, grow and create in an environment of love, respect and care.

Each program is designed to both encourage your child’s growth in their present developmental age as well as set the stage for success in the next phase of their development. However, we know that your child will develop in their own unique way. Our program is child-centered and is designed to be flexible enough to meet your child at their current physical, social and mental developmental stage rather than relying solely on the number of candles on the next birthday cake.

Blended Curriculum

Each child who comes to a Wirtzie’s child care or preschool program has unique mental, physical and social characteristics. Consequently, rather than take a “one size fits all” approach, Wirtzie’s has a creative curriculum that combines all of the well-regarded Montessori, Creative and Reggio Emilia curricula with current findings in the child development and early childhood education fields.

Using those best practices, our staff designs a specific plan of activities that will help develop your child’s physical, intellectual and emotional skills to their fullest potential. As your child grows and changes, the customized approach our staff uses in working with him or her will also grow and develop.

Child-Directed Activities

Providing children with the freedom to choose their activities promotes a sense of independence, self-direction and enthusiasm for participation. The Wirtzie’s child care and preschool programs balance teacher-directed activities with child-directed activities in order to maximize those benefits.

The Wirtzie’s daycare environment is designed to offer your child a variety of safe, fun and educational activities to choose from. In a home-like environment, your child may spend their time creating an enormous block structure, discovering what happens when red and blue paint are mixed together, playing at the water table, or enjoying the outdoor garden.

Learn and Discover

It is through play that children learn about the world around them. Fun, hands-on activities are how your child develops physical coordination, emotional maturity, social skills and self-confidence. Play really is the “work” of early childhood, and Wirtzie’s child care and preschool programs are designed to maximize those benefits.

Our unique open-classroom design and child-centric approach encourage your child to explore their world. In addition, our teachers provide skilled guidance by encouraging play that may focus on manipulative games like building blocks or puzzles, exploratory games using the senses, or imaginative or symbolic games that expand creativity.