Childcare and Day Care for Wobblers (child 12-24 months) in Surprise AZ

Childcare and Day Care for Wobblers (12-24 months) in Surprise AZ

Children in this age group must be walking.

Your child’s first steps are more than just physical movement. They are an expression of their growing independence. The Wobbler child care program at Wirtzie’s encourages and supports your child’s natural desire for independence and provides positive, patient guidance along the way.

At the Wobbler stage, children are working on developing gross motor skills like moving from crawling to walking unaided, the language skills of stringing together their first phrases and sentences, and social skills.

Because young children are naturally curious, our day care provides a variety of opportunities to explore their world and facilitate that learning. Our child-centered curriculum helps us identify how best to help your child develop the social, emotional and physical skills he or she needs for the next stage of development.

“Everyone we encounter is friendly, greets Liz, and typically always has a smile on their face, starting with Annette as soon as we walk in the door.”

—Wirtzies Parent