Childcare and Daycare for Toddlers (child 24-36 months) in Surprise AZ

Childcare and Daycare for Toddler (24-36 months) in Surprise AZ

As children gain more confidence in their abilities, they progress into the toddler phase. The Wirtzie’s Toddler child care program grows right along with your child and builds on the foundation laid during the Wobbler program.

As Toddlers, children begin fine-tuning their motor skills and engage in activities and games for the sheer joy of using those skills and finding a channel for their burgeoning energy. Language skills are progressing through practice, and abstract concepts begin to make sense to eager young minds.

The Wirtzie’s Toddler child care program will grow right along with your child and continue to teach skills for living and learning. Our trained staff will design varied hands-on activities that encourage learning through play and teach your child to work with other children to learn cooperation.

“Great staff and very caring. Director is wonderful. Kids learn a lot- even sign language. Great job at everything!”

—Wirtzies Parent